Back Office Administrator

Zagreb, Croatia

FIVE is a digital agency with offices in Brooklyn, Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka, and Split. We develop digital products for major international brands. Our apps, games, chatbots, and IoT solutions are used daily by more than a million people worldwide. We believe that behind every successful company stands an amazing office team so we decided to expand further and bring in a Back office administrator to support our growth in the Zagreb office. 

You are the right person for us if you’ve been working in the administration field for a couple of years and constantly see opportunities to make processes better, but maybe don’t have open hands to make important decisions. In FIVE, you won't be making coffee or answering the phone all day. Although, we do believe we have the best coffee around (hint: Cogito). :D

We want somebody who loves and knows how to keep things in order, and we look forward to your fresh perspective for improvements and suggestions for new, exciting initiatives! 

As a Back office administrator, you will support our team of 270 people across several offices and together with the Office manager, help solve everyday problems as painlessly as possible. :) 

Some of the responsibilities you will face every day:

  • Managing the travel of employees - dealing with flights, transportations and accomodation
  • Assisting with the organisation of off-site trips, workshops, team buildings and various company events
  • Keeping a book of incoming invoices, entering payment orders and preparding accounting documentation
  • Keeping various records of employees, calculation of travel expenses, keeping track of safety at work for each employee
  • Ensuring that our office space is functional and comfortable - ordering equipment, office and hygiene supplies, and food products, replacing broken, used-up or obsolete equipment

You are an ideal candidate if you have: 

  • Experience working on similar positions
  • Strong motivation and love for this kind of work. 
  • Positive attitude and good customer service skills 
  • Eloquent communication with good written and verbal expression in Croatian and English
  • Great eye for detail and organizational skills
  • You love structure and order and you are proud of it :)
  • You know how to work with basic digital tools (Google Drive, Excel, Trello, etc.)

We’re looking forward to your resume and cover letter - knock us off our feet! :)

Additional assignment! 🛠

We want to make sure that we hire a person who shares the same enthusiasm for keeping everything neat and tidy so we decided to prepare an easy assignment. 

Open the excel sheet FIVE - Device/Laptop pool. Make a copy of it (in Google sheets) so you can work on it and send it to us along with your cover letter and resume.

Your assignment is to edit the table so you can:

  • Easily determine if the laptop is borrowed or available
  • Determine which laptop will suit a colleague from the Growth team in the Zagreb office who needs a minimum of 8GB rams and an i5 processor 
  • Easily search which PC’s and MacBook’s are available
  • How will you keep a record of additional equipment that goes along with the computer - charger and an HDMI adapter?

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