Native Mobile Engineer

Zagreb, Croatia

This is not an everyday job ad as we are offering something completely different, so keep reading… 

We’re looking for experienced mobile developers interested in expanding their careers by working on Kotlin Multiplatform projects. Long term, we want you to become a master in that cutting edge technology and lead our future projects. In that process, we’ll guide you with structured mentorship, code reviews and a lot of internal knowledge-sharing initiatives.

We’ve noticed that goal oriented and enthusiastic developers sometimes want more excitement in the development and a broader playing field.
We also recognize that great engineering skills and in-depth platform knowledge in Android/iOS translates well into the other mobile platform. Kotlin Multiplatform is a perfect tool to expand a single platform excellence into the complete mobile field.

If you got at least a bit excited with this idea, we’d say we have a match!

Why Kotlin Multiplatform?

We have recognized the benefits of the Kotlin Multiplatform early and we truly believe in the tech! We have been developing apps for our clients with that technology for over a year now. Three successfully published apps and an Android/iOS/JS multiplatform library are under our belt. And there are already two more projects in the pipeline, maybe waiting just for you :]

What is the deal with KM, why not Flutter/RN?
KM provides a way to transpile Kotlin code into platform native code, producing platform native libraries - .aar for Android and .framework for iOS. Meaning we are reusing everything but the UI layer. We value UX most and don't want to make compromises there.

Who are we looking for? 

If you have more than 3 years of experience in Android development and you’re interested in developing a common codebase for Android and iOS applications by combining well-known tools such as Kotlin, we’ll make sure to place you on the right project where you will have an opportunity to further sharpen your mobile development skills. 


We offer tons of benefits that we’d be more than happy to talk about on the first interview. However, have a sneak peek at some of them: 

  • New MacBook Pro or PC of your choice, phone and any extra peripheral devices that you might need 
  • Lots of internal and external education such as code review and regular dedicated time for research and improvement. In previous years we also attended: Droidcon Berlin, Droidcon London, Google IO, KotlinConf, and AppDevCon. 
  • Flexible working hours: we don’t look at the clock but rather at results. You can create your work schedule in the way that suits you best
  • Clear career development plan - we do not want you to stagnate with us, we monitor your personal development and reward you. Expect financial advances in line with skills advances
  • If you want to come to the office by car, we provide a free parking spot in our garage. 
  • Want to bike to Sljeme, but not completely in shape? Take one of Five electric bikes whenever you want. :)
  • FeelGood@FIVE program - your personal growth is important to us so we provide you with five free meetings with a licensed psychotherapist
  • Take the most advantage out of your gross salary - start saving by investing in the third pension plan or cover the annual cost of kindergarten for your kids. 

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