Senior Java Developer

Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka, Split, Croatia

The Bitcoin madness has passed and your crypto portfolio still hasn’t brought you villas and cars. You’re still holding because you’re sure better days are coming. While you are waiting for those better days, it is clear that blockchain is staying with us and already widely used in different industries. You probably think it would be good to invest time in understanding that technology and making something practical out of it, but don’t even know where to start? At FIVE, you are given an excellent opportunity to step in that direction.

We are looking for a Java backend developer to work on the continuous development of backend (micro)services that provide support for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies in the D2C and B2B domains for one of the leading crypto currency exchanges in the US.

You will work as part of a backend team, develop new services and features on the backend system, as well as develop support services for frontend and mobile applications, as part of business plans.

Also, you will work in an event-driven microservice environment, based on CQRS architecture and event sourcing using modern frameworks and methodologies for the development, all based on Java/Spring (see technologies under requirements for details)

What do we expect from you:

  • Minimum 3+ years of development experience in Java (Java 8+) and Spring or SpringBoot as a Backend developer
  • Detailed knowledge of Spring framework and best practice
  • Experience building APIs (it's nice if you have experience with API Gateway software, but this is not a requirement)
  • Domain-driven design
  • Maintaining high standards in setting project architecture
  • Cooperation with the technical team in different time zones
  • Working in a Git environment
  • Responsible and independent in work and daily activities
  • Proactive, team player, customer-oriented 

Bonus points if you have experience with:

  • Developing a microservice environment
  • Kubernetes and/or Docker
  • ReactiveX (RxJava) or ProjectReactor
  • Vert.x framework basics
  • Axon platform
  • Apache Kafka
  • Functional programming (in any language)
  • Event-driven architecture design
  • Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) architecture design
  • Agile methods - Kanban, Scrum
  • 5+ years of development experience in Java (Java 8+) and Spring or SpringBoot as a Backend developer
  • What can you expect from us?

We offer tons of benefits that we’d be more than happy to talk about on the first interview. However, have a sneak peek at some of them:  

  • We have regular salary reviews and research the market so you can expect a competitive salary according to your experience. 
  • Take the most advantage out of your gross salary - start saving by investing in the third pension plan. 
  • Clear career development plan and regular 1on1 conversations with your Team Lead - we do not want you to stagnate with us, we monitor your personal development and reward you. Expect financial advances in line with skills advances. 
  • Flexible working hours: we don’t look at the clock but rather at results. You can create your work schedule in the way that suits you best. 
  • If you want to come to the office by car, we provide a free parking spot in our garage/outdoor parking in Zagreb, Osijek, and Split offices. 
  • Bond with your team right away - if you work remotely, we cover the onboarding cost which includes transportation and accommodation in one of our offices for a week or two.
  • Stay healthy and get regular checks with fully covered additional health insurance policy which includes specialist exams and a physical exam once a year.
  • FeelGood@FIVE program - your personal growth is important to us so we provide you with 10 free meetings with a licensed psychotherapist. 
  • Monthly team gatherings and annual awesome team buildings, such as sailing on Adriatic.

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